The Made-in-Italy Tradition

The family emblem, a helmet, is an inherently forceful symbol of their noble heritage and dedication to safeguarding the values of fairness, sincerity, loyalty and honour.

Bertolo’s ethic reflects the best of the ‘made-in-Italy’ tradition. This involves prioritising know-how, a distinctive style, careful attention to creating meticulously handmade products and traditional workmanship.

The Roots of Our Strong Values

Since its inception, Bertolo has always been committed to creating only the highest quality products. Successive generations of the family have come together under the philosophy of creating products that fully blend uniqueness with refinement.

The Roots of Our Strong Values The Roots of Our Strong Values

A Tradition Within The Textile Sector

A Tradition Within The Textile Sector

Innovating while at the same time remaining faithful to tradition takes courage. This is exemplified by creating fabric on a traditional loom while using the most up-to-date weave and design. This is one of the unique ways in which Bertolo's traditional approach to textiles always stays in step with the times.

The Distinctive Expression Of A Specific Region

Bertolo guarantees complete production-line monitoring in creating its products, from the selection of materials to yarn spinning. It also draws upon the excellence and quality which the Lake Maggiore area is renowned for.