VIP Made to Measure

Perfection is reflected in the details

The art of crafting bespoke creations means getting to the heart of each person’s uniqueness. The details of a Bertolo creation provide insight into the life and dreams of the wearer.

From horn buttons and gold zipper pulls to fine metallic finishes in gold, silver and palladium, these are the details and combinations that make up the unique VIP Made-to-Measure Service. Because what is made to be distinctive will stay unique forever.

Quality comes from discernment

What the eye discerns as aesthetic perfection is the result of creativity of combinations and materials used: Crocodile, Lizard, Cashmere and Silk, Millionaire Cashmere, Silk-Wool, Shappe Silk, Lisle Cotton, Tasmanian Wool.

Quality comes from discernment Quality comes from discernment

Luxury is a spiritual energy

Luxury is a spiritual energy

The choices Bertolo makes for its clients are guided by a spirit of chivalry. In creating each individual's signature style, the focus is on what clients want. This is what the exclusive and dedicated VIP Tailor Made-to-Measure Service offers.

Painting, sculpture, weaving, and manufacturing. 

Each Bertolo item has the sophistication and refinement of a traditional product and the energy of a contemporary one that is fully in step with the times. They are hand-made paintings on fabric, created with artistic inserts and combinations.